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Kyle and Holly Hendrix

50643 County Rd KK

Wray, CO 80758

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Camelot Camel Dairy, LLC

 Our Camel Milk Tastes and Tests Great!


Notice:  Camelot Camel Dairy, has retained Robb Heering and Camel Milk Cooperative to handle all of our ecommerce and "back office" work. 
All customers feel free to visit the coop website
to order our milk.  The Coop is NOT reselling our milk, they are just simply taking care of all of our customers and customer order coordination and service, so we can efficiently manage our operation and produce quality milk for you. Your order goes through their website and will come straight to our farm where we still have direct farm to consumer product to your doorstep.  We are still offering both raw and pasteurized milk. 
Thank you.

Welcome to Camelot Camel Dairy, a family-run camel dairy and farmstead creamery.  Our camels (along with us) live on 35 acres of gorgeous pasture land in Wray, Colorado, about 3 1/2 hours east of Denver. Our milk is safety-tested and has a smooth buttery taste. You can still call us for fast shipping anywhere in the US. We’re here to serve you!


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